Sunday, June 04, 2006

living on my own

I am now back in Kirksville, where I am living all by my lonesome. Where I will be living all by my lonesome for the next two weeks. Where I will not be washing any dishes or cleaning for the next two weeks.

Today, my first full day here, I actually lived like a normal person. At least, as far as waking up while the sun is still climbing. This morning I went to the farmer's market for some groceries before heading to the local table tennis tournament. Now this tournament was no walk in the park. I wasn't too nervous going in, but I certainly was after I noticed that everybody else in my bracket was Asian (how many names on this list are NOT Asian?). But I decided not to drop out immediately, and I played pretty well, and I ended up in very first place! That's right, I beat out two opponents.

I also started up my running tonight. I felt like I was in pretty good shape for a while, but that was before my legs started getting all tingly after about 70 feet. I guess that will go away with some more practice. If not, it's gonna be pretty painful when I start running marathons.


Abbinator said...

Good job with the running, dude. I hope we can train together when I get home!

Sarah said...

I'm glad you went to the farmer's market. I hope you got yummy stuff.

Anonymous said...

please clean areas that no noe will use so that i will have less to do when i get there- i'm working 80 hours a week and will be tired but can not rest until the house is not full of grossness- so at least please not be dirty- messy ok- but that neccessary. jsut don't tell me about it. have fun!!!