Thursday, September 07, 2006

Not as exciting as I had anticipated

Remember that hidden cavern beneath my house? The one housing escaped prisoners and a slew of other vagrants? Apparently they all skipped town before we actually looked around inside, because the only thing in there was a pair of lamps. There were no bloody fights against pirates over buried treasure, not even any large rats. Hopefully my next adventure will be more adventuresome.

Tonight Abbie and I hit up the pool again. This brings our number of swimming practices up to three. Some might say that this is a sure sign of disaster on race day, but I actually am not all that worried about the swim anymore. I discovered tonight that if I get tired, and if I don't mind water in my nose every 15 seconds, I can just coast along on the backstroke.

This week and next week both of my fraternities are having their fall rush. This means that I have multiple mandatory events just about every night on top of my work and homework schedule. Plus, I am planning on joining another fraternity in the next week or two. I don't rightly know when I'm gonna find time even to sleep these days, much less play World of Warcraft, but I'll have to make do.


Kathy said...

Peter and I were having the same discussion about overcommitment last night--and now he wants to try out for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat performed by Assumption's Youth Group, which he thinks he should join to increase his chances of being selected to play Joseph! We are lucky to have such full and interesting lives, aren't we?

pete said...

I find the lack of adventure a disappointment.