Friday, February 05, 2010


A blogger I follow recently posted some reasons why he blogs, and one in particular struck a chord with me.
i have a hard time coming up with topics of conversation. i am a total loser at parties. now i can slip away, break out my iPhone, go to the blog and remember what i blogged about last week. instant conversation topic. now i am even more of a loser at parties.
No, not that one. This one:
it sharpens my thinking all day long because i am always on the alert for interesting things to blog about.
This really applies to me as well. While listening to the radio or reading an article, I almost never just go "Hrm; that is kind of neat" anymore. I try to analyze things, see if I can connect them to another piece of news or event in my life, think about how they fit into a larger picture. This type of thinking is very rewarding, and is probably the main reason why I haven't given up on the blog again.

When I returned to blogging a few months ago, I worried about finding enough material. But now, each day I come across enough for three or four posts (if I were motivated enough to write them all), although you might not find them as interesting as I do.


Mrs. Haid said...

Do you start to narrate in your head a potential post, or is that just me?

Mom said...

Oh, Davey, that is neat. I think the same kind of think is true about writing my blessings every night. All day long, I am more alert to blessings than I would be if I didn't know I was going to be listing them before I go to bed. So blogging and blessing counting both enrich our lives!

Sarah said...

I used to think that blogging made me a better mom because I'd try to do more interesting activities, cook better food, make more crafts so I could blog about them. Now, it seems that even though I still attempt to do those things, the pictures I take just sit on my camera forever and never make it to my poor abandoned blog.

Danielle said...

Mrs. Haid, its not just you -- I totally do that too! LOL

David, I had never thought about this before but you are so right. Since starting our blog I notice I am always paying attention to the things that happen during my day, in the hopes that I can get a blog post out of it!