Monday, February 20, 2006

I can make a difference

Did you hear the joke about the jump rope? No? Then just skip it.
I've never really found that joke very funny. I don't really associate skipping with a jump rope. I mostly think of, thanks to the name of the item, jumping, as well as bruised ankles because I am not too skilled at jumping in rhythm. It's a skill I never learned. In kindergarten, they should have tought us rhythmic jumping instead of color identification. Anyway, this tangent is not the point of this post. Just wait; I will tie it all together at the end, and you will be amazed.

I made a movie last year for a class with my good friend Matt. We had to come up with any kind of topic, and we chose to create a documentary about how children never use Skip-Its anymore due to their lack of availability. Nowhere in our town could these toys be purchased.

Look at how happy this girl is. But as I look closer, the Skip-It appears to have been inserted into this picture independently of the lady. So now I have no way of knowing if she actually even enjoys this thing or not. She is probably really playing hopscotch or running a race; little did she know that her picture would be manipulated to further the cause of Skip-Its. Another digression. I apologize.

Anyway, two days ago I found out that a friend had just bought a Skip-It in my town. Wal-Mart, one of the most powerful businesses in the world, has started taking its sales strategy from me. Next up, I think I will tell the good people at Wal-Mart to start a huge marketing campaign for sombreros. Increased sombrero sales would suit me just fine. Nobody can be in a bad mood while wearing a sombrero.
Not even Mr. T.


Abbinator said...

I think the reason Wal-Mart started to carry Skip-Its is because of my stellar interview in the said video.

Muscles said...

Mr. T is the coolest man alive. The mention of Skip-Its was crazy because just last night, for the first time in years, I saw and talked about a Skip-It that was discovered at Amanda's house.

mom said...

Who is this "Muscles"?!