Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I can't decide what shirt to wear today. Any ideas? No? Thanks for the help.

Today is Valentine's Day. While I am generally not a fan of this holiday, today is worse than most, largely because of this girl. Instead of spending the day planning a romantic outing tonight, I get to pine for her.
It's worth it, though.


Sarah said...

You should wear the sweater I knitted for you. Oh wait, that's right, I never knitted you a sweater.

Abbie said...

The Chick in Czech is missing her Valentine as well. At least you will get to see her in 24 days. Almost everybody in Prague has heard a story about you, and cannot wait to meet the wonderful David.

mom said...

I hope "the wonderful Davey" can live up to his billing in Czech!
I am glad I had not gotten up to find the dictionary before you told us what that word, which has already slipped my mind, means. How did you find it?