Friday, May 05, 2006


So Kirksville isn't really catching on to this whole "summer weather" fad. El Salvador is going to have 100+ temperatures in the next few days, and our temperature here dipped into the frigid 40s last night. I don't know why this town is so behind the times. It may be time for some more of that global warming stuff.

We finally cut our grass yesterday. Here are some before and after shots. This is before:
And this is after (we also planted some trees and built a fence; we were feeling ambitious yesterday):
Last night at Domino's, my coworker Chris kept talking about his impending participation in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. It really brought back memories from my younger, harsher days. But I've promised not to go back down that path. I've left too many broken men in my trail.


Abbinator said...

I hate mowing the lawn. I hope that you are that ambitious forever!

Sarah said...

I love mowing our lawn, but Steve hardly ever lets me do it because he says I don't do a very good job.

mom said...

I'm sure if you lived in a better neighborhood you would have been in trouble for your very, very scruffy-looking lawn!