Sunday, February 21, 2010


I am continually amazed by how inventive, um, inventors are. A potential type of headphones would let wearers start
controlling their phones or their music players. NTT DoCoMo has created headphones that sense eye movements. For instance, you can look from right to left to pause your music. Look right, then right again, to skip to the next track. Roll them clockwise to raise the volume....

The headphones look much like regular earbuds, connected by a cable to a phone. They sense the movements of the eyeballs by measuring tiny changes in electric charge. It turns out that the cornea, the outer surface of the eyes, has a positive charge. When you look left, the resulting shift in the electrical charge can be detected as far away as the ears. And no, this is not the source of the expression "electrifying gaze."
I would definitely like something like this for when I am running with my ipod in my pocket.

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Mom said...

Oh, my gosh. Do you think the inventor had paralyzed people in mind when she or he invented this? I always picture genius inventors as coming from MUST!