Monday, April 03, 2006


Thank you, Laura Runge and Amy Wessel, for so often providing wonderful photography. You ladies are pretty rockin'.


Abbinator said...

Excuse me? What about all of your Europe pictures? Whatev. We'll see if you get more pictures from Prague.

David's mom said...

Laura, I talked to your mom and grandma last night at a Family and Community Association meeting. Your grandma was honored for 50 years of membership. That is really something! I earned my 15 year pin. I told your mom how much I enjoy David, Abbie, and Sarah's blogs every day, and she thought it would be nice if you had a blog, too, and she could follow your everyday life, although she realizes everyday life in Kirksville isn't always too exciting.

Laura said...

Maybe I will have to start one of these things. I'll probably have to have David help me though cuz I don't really know how to. David, thanks for the photo credit though.