Monday, April 03, 2006

In which much cutting is done

Yesterday was pretty jam-packed with non-stop excitement. First, I directed runners at a 5K race. I really love going to races. Even though I wasn't competing and I haven't run competitively in years, my stomach still got a little clench of nervousness when the race started.

After that, I chilled a little bit, then went to work cleaning out the yard of some old folks in Kirksville. This was sort of a disaster since there was so much to do and insufficient equipment.

But after that is when the real action started. Take a look at this picture.
Apart from thinking, "Hey, that guy looks pretty darn friendly," you are probably thinking, "Hey, that guy's hair looks pretty darn like an unruly shrubbery." This clearly problematic hairiness met its match yesterday in my friend Amy.

A little background on Amy's haircutting experience: she has none. So why would I let this girl attack my head with dozens of whirring blades? 1) It was free. 2) Amy wanted the experience. 3) Clearly, any sort of haircut would be an improvement upon the shrubbery.

Here is Amy weilding the hair clippers with her apparently naturally steady, semi-precise hands.
This haircut was quite an ordeal. No fewer than six people were involved, either with cutting, receiving the cut, or critiquing. But after about 45 minutes, this is how it looked. Not too bad, I have to say. Luckily, I had a more fortunate outcome than my good friend Calvin.

As if this weren't enough coolness for one day, there's more coming. Immediately following the haircut, my good friend Scottie and I went to a local table tennis club for what turned out to be a pretty intense training session.

Scott and I were the only people there other than the coach, Eddie. He really seemed to know his table tennis, since he talked of little else. And apparently, I don't know my table tennis, since he corrected my methods just about non-stop while Scott was practically ignored. (Maybe Eddie was enthralled by my new hairdo) My grip, my stance, my arm extensions, my paddle all need modification, it seems. I appreciated the input from someone who is obviously knowledgable, but I felt bad every time he would tell me something and I couldn't implement it correctly. I'll keep you updated if I go back again.

There was one last event of note, and it involved a lot of deviousness. My roommates and I threw a surprise birthday party for Amy, the haircutting lady. This was no easy feat because Amy is naturally suspicious, but with the help of her roommate, Julie, we were able to pull it off. We didn't have a camera at the actual moment of surprise, so I threw together this quick sketch of how she looked.

Now 2:30 a.m. is nigh, and since I think you have been sufficiently flabbergasted by the unending hijinks with which I live, I am going to bed. Fare well.


Abbinator said...

This haircut seems to have gone better than the last one given by another girl who didn't have much experience.

Sarah said...

It's about time you learn how to play some decent ping-pong.

Pa said...

Now that you've taken care of the shrubbery why don't you do something about the weeds on your chin?

Abbinator said...

Please no!!!! Some people love those weeds. This is a very weird comment.

Amy said...

Please note the surprised photo of me and notice how I was so taken aback my hair changed colors and stood on end. This was very much what the look on my face was when I through cutting David's hair before adding the finishing touches. But luckily I had some great moral support and keen eyes helping me out.

grandma said...

I like the haircut.

mom said...

Even though the haircut was free, did you give Amy a tip since she did such a spectacular job?