Tuesday, April 18, 2006


I have lately noticed an unfortunate development: my keys jingle when I walk much more than they should. I think they make more noise than the keys of even the most powerful janitor, and this likely has the effect of decreasing my stealth while walking around. The only reasonable solution for this problem is to make or buy a completely soundproof bag to hold my keys when they aren't being used. If you have one or want to knit one and give it to me, I will use my subsequent increased stealth not to attack you.

Sarah hit me with this tag, so I guess I'll fill it out.
Six weird qualities or habits I have:
1. I want a soundproof bag to hold my keys.
2. I can't resist walking on the curb next to a sidewalk or street whenever one is available.
3. I say things like "up with what I put," all in the name of proper grammar.
4. Sometimes I wish that people would break into song and dance as if my life were a musical.
5. I think that canes and suspenders need to become mainstream accessories because they are so cool.
6. I always do my best not to accelerate up hills while driving so I won't waste gas.
7. My sister has worms living in her basement.

I am tagging the following people, and they had best comply!
Chick in the Czech
I Don't Suffer Fools
Life on the Edge

1 comment:

Sarah said...

I could perhaps knit such a bag, you freak!