Friday, March 31, 2006


I closed at Domino's tonight for the first time in pretty long. This was good because I am getting a little low on funds, but it was bad because Kirksville had its worst storm in quite some time. The wind felt strong enough that I could probably have jumped into the air and spread my arms and I would have just taken off.

I started off the night getting pretty awful tips, so I wasn't the most cheery of fellas. About two hours into the night, this mood was compounded a little. I drove way past a house because I couldn't read the street numbers in the dark, so I had to run back down the street in the pouring rain to deliver this guy's pizza. As I jogged, several cars drove toward me so I decided to get off the road and onto the sidewalk I saw next to the street. Unfortunately, since it was dark, I didn't quite notice that the sidewalk was made of a ditch filled with water. My pants and shoe are still wet. But my night turned around at this guy's house, I thought, because he handed me a wad of cash and then turned away. Considering the transaction closed, I thought to myself, "Sweet action! A $4 tip is exactly what I was needing!" and returned to my car. Later, though, my respect for this generous tipper plummeted when he called Domino's saying that I had taken all his money without giving him change and he wanted me to drive all the way back out to his house to reimburse him. And I drove right past his house again without seeing it!

But all's well that end's well, and this night ended with "Penny Lane" by the Beatles, so I was pleased. Now I have sufficiently unwound, so I am going to bed.


Sarah said...

Some loser actually called up to Pizza Hut about FOUR measly BUCKS??? Ah, the joys of delivering pizza.

It seems to me that Kirksville folks must be stingier tippers than Warrensburg folks were.

David said...

Um, actually, I work at Domino's. Thanks for knowing about my life.

Abbinator said...

Hahaha. These comments made me laugh. Iäm sorrz zou had such a bad night with the pizza, dude. The kezboadrs in Germanz apre prettz weird.