Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Well, it is official. Abbie has been invading my thoughts. Or something like that.

For some time now, she and I have joked about our having twin brains, mostly because we have the same ACT score and IQ. But during this visit we just had, we uncovered volumes of additional evidence to support that conclusion.

I think at least 5 times, we both started off a conversation at the exact same time by saying the exact same thing. How creepy is that? Not very, when you consider what comes next.

While in Rome on one of our 6-hour-long hikes, we stopped by this fountain, seen below, for some pictures and relaxation. Abbie was exhaustively photographing our surroundings, including the water in the fountain, and I started idly running my fingers through the water.
Just as I was observing the ripples and surface tension of the water and thinking about how useful it is to organic life and how amazing all its properties are, Abbie blurts out, "Isn't water amazing?" Now, who in the world muses to themselves about how amazing water is? Nobody. Except both of us, apparently, which just goes to show that we should either definitely get married or break up immediately so we don't ever spawn children remotely like ourselves. I still haven't decided which course of action would be best.

My bad. Another twin brain thing about which I forgot. This is a picture of some explanatory plaque in the Colosseum.
It turns out that my lady friend and I both have a habit of critiquing for grammar and style insignificant informational plaques in the Colosseum. I think that we should not be allowed ever to raise children together. Abbie would obviously be a bad influence.


Pa said...

Before your mother suffered the onset of peri-menpausal senility we always marveled about having twin brains. Quit stealing our actions and phrases.

mom said...

It is lucky for your dad that I am not overly sensitive! Although--I was better than your dad and brother at an intelligence test Dad brought home from work last night and which I think he is about to share with the rest of you.

Abbinator said...

I hope you don't choose to break up with me! I know you were joking, though.