Thursday, March 23, 2006

I think that the instrument poll has run its course. I have, therefore, decided to retire it. Now much gloating can ensue.

Abbie, it looks like only 22% of people are even remotely interested in accordions.

As this guy with the creepy leg knows, nothing beats a harmonica.
So, I would post more, but I have gotten pretty little sleep this week. My posts would consist, I think, of my falling asleep on the keyboard and pushing letters with my nose. But tomorrow, you are in for a treat. I don't yet know what the treat is, but it'll be good. Better than the creepy leg guy.

My favorite quote from the Eurotrip: Abbie's saying, "I'm going to have a great life."


Sarah said...

OMG, I wonder what happened to that leg! Maybe his girlfriend bit him there?

Abbinator said...

That was a great quote, and true as well. My dad and brother like your blog a lot.

mom said...

I hope your dad and brother don't get the mistaken impression that David is sort of a goof from reading his blog!
He is actually an amazingly wonderful and clever and sensible young man.