Thursday, March 02, 2006


I just watched this movie all about quantum physics and spirituality. It was some pretty interesting stuff, all about how we create our own reality and the power of the mind is really powerful. But the coolest part of the whole movie was that the main character was played by Marlee Matlin, who some of you might know as the lip reader from The Lip Reader! She was quite a performer. I wonder how deaf people dance well.

Every time I encounter something like this movie, even if it is "pseudoscientific garbage," as some fella claims, I want to switch my major to physics. It is just so interesting! But then again, I need to have a job some day. Perhaps I am just too practical for my own good. I can at least read stuff about physics and the like and learn on my own, if that's any consolation. Thanks, it sure is.

I have been sitting here wiping some moisture off my monitor, wondering what it's source is, on and off for at least five minutes. It turns out that my tea is giving off steam. Why did I even type this? Nobody cares.

Ok, some real, up-to-date information about me. My huge paper that is due tomorrow really has been extended until Monday. This means that I have yet to start writing actual words on paper. Also, I apparently have been denied by Sprint. They never really looked at or decided upon my application so the interview day passed me by without even waving.

I should do laundry. I have a lot piled up. But somebody's laundry is in the washing machine, so I can't do any right now. I guess laziness wins out again.


Sarah said...

Please, tell us more about the moisture on your computer screen.

Katie said...

lol...after reading about the steam on your computer screen i was thinking "wow, it must really be humid in kville!" Yeah, i'm the brightest crayon in the box. :) sorry to hear about sprint...i'll keep checking around here for ya & see if i can turn anything up. (p.s..I did an accounting internship for KCOM while i was in kville if youre interested in that...)

abbinator said...

I love physics. When I get back, maybe we can study it together as a hobby.

mom said...

Who has a hobby of studying physics? You two must be a match made in heaven!