Tuesday, March 28, 2006

In which I use several exclamation marks

One day during my Prague trip, Abbie and I decided to make a pilgrimage to a castle about an hour outside of town. Castles are pretty cool for warfare and all, so I was pretty excited about this. Little did I know I was in for a little warfare of my own.

The town, upon our arrival, looked relatively innocent. The castle lay nestled in the mountains and shops selling crystal chia pets and other useful items lined the streets. But then, we sensed more than saw that we were being followed. Then we caught a glimpse of this kid. Look at him. Menacing. Irrational. Bad at tracking his prey. He was clearly planning on attacking us with an arsenal of mild-explosive-filled snowballs when we cleverly gave him the slip. By clever, I mean we took a left at the next street and he lost sight of us. Disaster averted!

The castle was also pretty cool as well. I might build one some day. Here are some pics.
That last picture was taken by some guys from Iowa. They had heard of Missouri! Yes, it is a small world.

Finally, here is some food from a store in a small Czech town. Apparently people there like to eat...I can't even come up with a funny way to describe this. Horrible funk, I guess. But if you want some, it costs less than $3!


Sarah said...

Did the castle have a moat?

Abbinator said...

That stuff almost made me barf.