Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I was snowed in at St. Louis last night, so I still have to drive back to Kirksville today. This means, unfortunately, that I am missing even more classes. On top of that, I studied the wrong stuff for my tests this week for about 14 hours on airplanes yesterday. Way to go, me.

Since I don't have much time to blog about the Eurotrip, what with trying to pack up and drive away this morning, I will leave you with this. It is a picture of where Abbie violently bit my forehead while I was visiting her. Unfortunately for you readers, this picture was taken after all the blood dried and was washed off. What a gracious hostess.


Sarah said...

It was pretty considerate of her to bit you somewhere where it would just blend in with your chicken pox scars.

Abbinator said...

Dude! That was an accident! The train lurched.

Pa said...

That must have been some lurch to cause you to sink your teeth into my son's head.