Tuesday, March 28, 2006

you were lost, but now are found

Tonight as I was walking out of one of my meetings, I realized that I had only one mitten in my coat pockets. This was initially a cause of much panic, for I just received those mittens for Christmas from my often goofy sister. Then I concluded that the missing mitten had simply fallen out of the pocket in my car or in my house and I would find it waiting for me there when I returned home. Thus consoled, I continued toward my car.

As I got closer to my car, however, I noticed an object on the ground. I bet you can guess what it was. A mitten! I must have been sitting there for five hours with nobody claiming it; that is, until I decided to rescue it from oblivion. Now I can have some pie.


Abbinator said...

Those mittens are causing you a lot of trouble. Maybe you should ask Sarah to knit you a pair with a string so you don't lose them!

mom said...

I was telling your dad that I feel sorry for my one slipper that we didn't find after the disasterous suitcase experience. I think it is despondently waiting for me and its mate in the highway median near Warrenton. Dad thinks I am crazy, but I bet you understand.

Katie said...

I will keep an eye out for the wayward slipper on my way home for easter. :)