Tuesday, March 28, 2006

wrapping it up

"Log entry 26, Wednesday, March 15, 5:21 p.m.: David and Abbie run out of conversation." Apparently, either we are so in tune with each other that words are not necessary, or each of us is utterly bored with the other. Either way, we endured the rest of the trip in near-silence.

This post will perhaps be about most big stuff that's left about the Czech Republic, which means that later we will make a jaunt over to Rome.

Prague is gorgeous. Let me just get that out of my system. Plus, their soldiers have shiny bayonets.This is the changing of the guard at the Prague castle. It was much more enjoyable than the changing of Emma.

Praguians (is this even a word? I'm assuming it is because I am too tired to look it up) also have their own version of the Eiffel Tower. I guess the Prague planners decided to make their city more touristy so they started stealing monuments from other folks. Look for a Great Wall of Františkovy Lázně next. One thing that I learned while chilling with Abbie in Prague is that she dawdles. Everyone knows that, when walking in a city full of new and exciting things worthy of one's examination, if one isn't walking fast enough for bugs to splatter on the forehead, it is time to pick up the pace.

Here she is trying to act exhausted from racing through the streets. But we can see that she is clearly faking: note the bug-free glasses.

Another horizon-broadener was my proper introduction to public transportation. I don't know if you have ever visited Flint Hill (pop. 379), but there aren't too many subways that go through my hometown. I had basically no experience with public transit, so I would have been totally lost without my excellent guide. Abbie knew that city backwards and forwards and could even predict, to the exact minute, when a bus or tram would arrive. Simply amazing.

Unluckily, we couldn't use the tram for all of the sightseeing we wanted to do, so we spent many hours each day walking from place to place. Strolling around all evening, compounded by the fact that Prague is almost as warm as Greenland's northern coast, made us a little chilly. Only a little, though. To combat the frostbite one night, we decided to stop by a clothes store. Against my better judgment, I found myself agreeing to try out the hip European fashions with Abbie. I think we looked pretty sharp, but we ended up not making any purchases that evening.

Abbie and I also attended the Czech symphony one night. I love classical music, especially when it is performed live. The only problem is that I haven't been to a non-rock concert in 2 years that hasn't put me to sleep. My consolation is that Abbie fell asleep as well, so we blissfully wasted our tickets together.

Some other notable events: seeing the city in which Mission: Impossible was filmed, eating roasted duck, and Abbie's and my recovering of our ability to converse.


Abbinator said...

I went back and bought all of those hot items when you left. Just joking!!!!! Haha.

Sarah said...

David, you really choked by not buying those two shirts. I've never seen you looking more handsome.

Pa said...

The shirts match your beard (??) - both pretty scruffy.

mom said...

David, I just love your writing. I hope you and your three commentors have blogs forever!