Wednesday, March 15, 2006

While walking around Prague before leaving, we came across a crowded square. In the middle, a bunch of old men were rocking out for the crowd. Here they are playing "When the saints go marching in." The kid in front is driving back the adoring fans.

More about the ski trip. On the train ride there, they ticket checker fella started giving us some instructions which we of course couldn't understand. After he left, this other old fella who also spoke no English decided to take us under his wing. He kept directing us where to go in train stations, babbling at us, pointing to his watch, holding up different numbers of fingers, little of which made sense. Eventually, he found out at which hotel we were staying, and he got all excited and started pointing to himself. We kept thinking, "Is this guy gonna try to sneak into our hotel room??" When we finally arrived in our town, though, he just pointed us in the right direction and headed off to his own house with his little old wife. It turns out he was just a friendly Samaritan and we should not have judged him until we realized he was not completely creepy and murderous.

The skiing and snowboarding was quite a challenge, mostly because the lady we asked for information had no clue what we were saying. I found it pretty funny when Abbie tried to mime skiing; I guess her hours of practice for mime meets paid off. Oh, I suppose it's worth mentioning that the snowboard rental guys made fun of my apparently freakishly small feet for about 10 minutes. Little did they know how close those small feet were to ninja-kicking them in the temple.

The snow at our ski resort was amazing; my snowboard cut through it like butter. Abbie was also amazing at skiing. We raced a couple times, and much to my delight I beat her the first race by about 5 minutes because she fell. Much to my chagrin, I choked in the second race and she beat me. Curses. But here I am doing one of my trademark amazing pipe grinds.

Apparently small Czech towns have nonstop blizzards often, because it didn't stop snowing all day long. While this made for beautiful scenery, I had blundered by not bringing goggles, so it was hard for a fella to see trees and cliffs and the like.

For supper, Abbie and I decided to be thrifty and make our own meal. We found this little grocery store and, about 2 minutes after we got inside, they started turning off the lights because it was closing time. So, with the need to hurry, we just started throwing stuff in a basket. In the ever-deepening darkness, I saw some applesauce and got pretty excited because, as everyone knows, applesauce is delicious. After returning to the hotel, I realized what my feeble eyes had done to me. Instead of applesauce, we had purchased baby food apricots! This was bad news because, as everyone knows, apricots in baby food form are quite yucky.

One thing I will say about this town: they like their hot tubs chilly and their chunky men in speedoes. I think that is all I have to say about that.


mom said...

Oh, Sweetie, thanks for writing. I am crying tears of amusement.
What about the castle? We are staying in a castle in Scottland that is hundreds of years old and so expensive that I am not allowed to ask how much it costs, which is very hard for me, who would also be eating the apricot babyfood so as not to waste it!

grandma said...

Grandpa and I are loving your adventures. I too vote for eating the apricots.