Tuesday, March 07, 2006


I have been studying for a statistics test for the last couple of hours. My teacher provided this study guide, and I have been cursing her for not providing the answers for it like she did before the first test. So after several hours of work, I am just about finished with this study guide. As I flip to page 9, I notice the heading at the top of the page: Solutions to study guide. It appears that I am dumb as a rock.

Here is a picture of some of my study area. How is a fella supposed to be efficient in the least with as much chaos as is in this room? And you can't even see the desk...I think that would give you nightmares. It's scarier than Elsa.

Good night, and good luck. On second thought, I need the luck more than you. I am keeping it to myself.


Abbinator said...

Too bad I am not there, because i would get so fed up with that mess that I would just clean it for you!

Sarah said...

LOL Good luck!

Katie said...

lol! that sounds like something i would do. that creative writing book looks familiar...i mightve had to suffer through a previous edition!